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In January 2019, as I gave out the window overlooking the Nile River in Luxor Egypt, I am again filled with wonder, gratitude and deep appreciation of how my life has changed dramatically over the past years. Am I awake, is this truly my life? Yes, indeed and it all began the day I decided to step fully into my life and stop hiding my psychic and healing gifts I was born with. 

Growing up, I had hidden myself, staying in the background, playing down the messages I received. Each time that I was made fun of a child for being “different or strange,” I retreated deeper inside, holding everything within. Yet, one day, this “normal, boring, everyday socially accepted life” that I was sleepwalking through, just wasn’t enough anymore. I was drowning and feeling claustrophobic by having denied who I truly am for far too long

I was in my mid 40’s, before I decided that I was no longer going to live my life, according to society’s expectations. I embraced my uniqueness and stepped out as my true authentic self. I am clairaudient, clairsentient, clairvoyant, psychic, medium, healer, animal communicator and full body channel. I am able to walk between the spiritual and our physical worlds simultaneously. I communicate intuitively with animals and nature. Their messages provide me with answers and guided me through life.

After 20 years working at a University, I decided to go on a Soul Quest to find my true authentic self. 

My Spiritual trips, soon evolved into twice, sometimes three times a year to sacred, potent, high vibrational energy sites throughout the world. My Soul Quests have brought me to Hawaii, Ireland, Jamaica, Wales, England, Egypt, Borneo, Bali, and South Africa. Each of these sacred journeys provided strong healing, transformation, ancient wisdom and deep connection for me, on a heart and soul level. They empowered me to travel inward and see what emotions and wounds I was denying. I learned to objectively look at them, send them love and heal them. I learned to love myself, to receive love, and to unconditionally love others without expectations.

I became deeply engaged in finding spiritual teachers. I took courses in Animal Reiki and from there, I found Angelic Reiki. My life changed in the most amazing ways, as I began to live my Soul’s purpose as a healer. 

I continued studying different healing modalities, raising my vibration and one day, life as I knew it, changed profoundly. I started receiving visions of Ancient Egypt. Whenever I closed my eyes, whether awake or as I relaxed into sleep, an array of Egyptian images appeared. As I slept, I was visited by the strongest, healing energy I had ever experienced. I would hear the roar of the wind, waking me from my sleep. Golden Lionesses in front of temples would appear to me. Goddess Sekhmet had arrived in my life. We share a co-creation of life that is a beautiful balance of healing and deep spiritual alchemy. Together we have traveled to Ancient Egypt, visiting the pyramids, temples and sacred sites that hold timeless healing, potent energy and ancient wisdom. 

My first trip to Egypt, was not what I had expected. I knew I would change on some level, by visiting this beautiful, mystical ancient land. What I didn’t realize was that it would become my Soul’s journey home. This sacred journey would reintroduce me to my home land of many past lifetimes. The moment I stepped off the plane, breathing in the sulfur filled air of Cairo, I connected fully with my authentic self. I had arrived Home. This two week spiritual trip provided me with deep connections to the sacred sites, where the ancient energies are still very potent and alive. As a Channel, it was beautiful how strongly the Egyptian Gods and Goddesses channeled through me, providing messages and opening portals, taking me to visit these sacred places. I stepped back in time and saw them, as they existed in their original state over seven thousand years ago.  It was during this first visit to Egypt, where I was asked by the Neteru if I would dedicate my life to being in service to them. Once I agreed, I was shown how my life would change, what actions to take and how to proceed with creating my healing business. My company, Sacred Soulful Journeys was formed and I moved forward with leading private spiritual trips to Egypt. We visit the ancient pyramids, temples, the Nile River and sacred sites along the Nilotic Meridian, which hold potent timeless healing energy, knowledge and ancient wisdom. We sail the Nile River on our private dahabeya boat, our private, floating temple. You will connect with the Nile’s energetic flow, allowing yourself to be gently led on an inner journey to release what no longer serves you and embrace that which you are meant to be. Feel the transformation as you heal at your soul level, your mind, body and spirit. Behold the majestic beauty and sacred energy that surrounds the Egyptian people, culture, land and history. It is my deepest honor to hold space for others during their individual healing and experiences in Egypt.

Egyptian Sekhem healing was channeled directly to me by the Egyptian Goddess Sekhmet through channeling, downloading and integrating ancient wisdom and energies. Egyptian Sekhem is a high vibration healing energy, similar in method to Reiki, though that channels at a much higher frequency. Sekhem is an ancient form of healing taught in the Egyptian Mystery Schools held in the temples of early Egypt. Only select few initiatives were privy to this Spiritual Alchemy. Sekhem healing brings a higher state of consciousness, connecting with one’s Soul. Sekhem heals at the emotional, mental, physical and spiritual levels. It quickly transmutes lower level energy which no longer serve you, bringing positive, balanced, loving change to all areas of your life. Sekhem healing provides the recipient with a loving, gentle, calm, grounding healing.

I provide Egyptian Sekhem healing sessions in person and by long distance. I teach certified practitioner classes in Egyptian Sekhem healing for those who feel called to immerse themselves in this ancient spiritual alchemy. 

Putting my faith and trust in Divine Source has opened up many exciting beautiful adventures and moments in my life. My life has been transformed seemingly overnight, as I find myself living amongst the Egyptian people in a small rural village in Luxor. I am both elated and humbled by the blessings and magic in my life.  

More blog entries will come soon, in segments that will be known as Walking with Sekhmet.   

Journey to Egypt

December 2022