Goddess Hathor is the Goddess of love, joy, beauty, music, dancing, sensuality, sexuality and co – creative feminine magic.

Beautiful Hathor is a Solar Goddess. The Falcon God Horus is her husband. She is the daughter of the Sun God Ra and is the sister of Goddess Sekhmet.

Goddess Hathor is known as “The Golden One, “The Mistress of the Sky”, “The Mistress of the Stars”, “The Mistress of Life”, and “The Lady of Heaven”. The Ancient Greeks called her Aphrodite and the Romans called her Venus. She is the Divine Goddess of Love.

As a Sky Goddess, Hathor is connected to the movement of the planets, and she crosses the realms between worlds to assist with the transition of souls in their transition of cosmic life after death and returning to the stars.

Goddess Hathor appears at times, as a beautiful Goddess wearing cow horns with the solar sun disc between them and other times she is depicted as a beautiful woman with cow ears or with the face of a cow. For she is the fertile celestial cow that gives life, nourishment and is associated with the Milky Way. Hathor is the Goddess of Childbirth and helps Women and Mothers. She is known as the Divine Feminine Mother of Mothers.

When Goddess Hathor enters your life, she opens your heart and fills you with beautiful, uplifting, joyful divine energy and unconditional love. She brings balance and playfulness to you.

Goddess Hathor brings forth sensuality, divine union and sacred sexual healing.

Goddess Hathor is associated with the ancient musical instrument the sistrum. Goddess Hathor is the protector of women. With equal reverence, both women and men were her sacred initiatives, taught in her mysteries and magic, as Priestesses and Priests at her Temple of Dendera.

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