Juliet Carrillo

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 Hi! I’m Juliet!


 Hello there! I am so excited to connect with you and assist you on your beautiful path in life.  We are all here to love and help each other on our life’s journey. It is my absolute joy to help you reconnect with your Soul’s purpose and innate wisdom. I will guide you through healing at your emotional, physical, spiritual and Soul level. I am an Angelic Reiki Master, Egyptian Sekhem Healer, Usui Reiki Master, Oracle and Angel Card Reader, Intuitive Counselor, Full Body Channel and Animal Communicator. I lead private trips to Egypt and teach certified classes in Angelic Reiki and Egyptian Sekhem healing. 




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What They Say

Juliet did Angelic Reiki on me last night and I woke up this morning a new woman. I am no longer sad or feeling hopeless and my knee pain has calmed down. I feel uplifted and positive and I am not as anxious or helpless feeling i was having for so long. I am forever grateful to Juliet for helping me.​

Lisa A. , Foster City, CA​

I had two different Angelic reiki sessions from Juliet over the phone (long distance). Juliet was so helpful with my life situations. I refer other people to her.

Teresa, Colorado

Juliet is very good at reiki. I felt very relaxed and focused after she finished her session. I’ve been a psychic medium for a little over 20 years and focus and a calm energy is essential to my work. Would recommend Juliet to anyone who might need her help in whatever may be ailing them.

Dave, Colorado

I experienced a remarkable remote Reiki Healing from Juliet after undergoing shoulder surgery. I was dealing with deep achiness associated with postop. We agreed to have this session in the evening when both of us would be able to sync our energy in a relaxed setting. As I settled into quiet space, I felt the warm cloak of connection. I opened myself as wide as I could to receive the Healing. It came softly and with a vibrant turquoise color; not a normal shade for me to see with my inner eye. As I soaked it up, the deep pain lifted, ever so gently. Juliet is a gifted healer….no doubt she has done the work to master the craft.

Terri G.

Collective Wisdom from the Egyptian Neteru