I would follow Juliette anywhere! I’ve gotten Reiki done from her several times and she absolutely has a gift. Her intuition is unparalleled and the messaging she gets for me is spot on. I can’t wait to go to Egypt with her and learn about sacred places I’ve never even heard of!

Belmont, CA

I always appreciate how heart-centered Juliet is both in conversation and in her reiki practice. My reiki treatment with her was wonderful! I felt a lot lighter afterwards, and much more peaceful. I highly recommend her services!

Santa Rosa, CA

I would highly recommend Soulful Journeys with Juliet for classes or for personal healing …I have been attuned in Angelic Reiki and Egyptian Sekhmet Healing provided by Juliet …I have also attended classes of guided meditation and Egyptian Goddess Sekhmet. I also attended a retreat that Juliet hosted in Bodega Bay in 2019 called “Self Expansion for Higher Consciousness”. The experience and transformation I received was phenomenal! …I have worked with several practitioners in the past and always find myself going back to Juliet and love working with her and the Egyptian energies… Egyptian energies are very powerful and I can’t wait to experience a guided tour in person with Juliet in Egypt!

Windsor, CA

Meeting Juliet for first time in this lifetime felt like a reconnection of Sacred Souls and I am so grateful for this reunion. I am studying Sekhem healing with Juliet and I am loving every moment and every aspect, spending time with Juliet is soul enriching and I look forward to my classes. I highly recommend this beautiful soul for any classes or healing you are drawn to, for Juliet is truly a gifted healer and teacher she is a Master Teacher and it is not too often we come across souls of this exceptional calibre. You will be taken on the most wondrous adventures as you journey through the stars and meet so many Gods, Goddesses and angelic beings of light being held and supported in Sacred space. I am truly grateful Juliet for everything and especially for you leading me back to my ancient past, leading me back home Xxx

London, UK

Juliet was definitely sent to us all by the Angels! I have been studying and working with Juliet since February 2020 and I highly recommend all of her classes and healing services. I have become certified in both the Angelic Reiki and the Egyptian Sekhem Healing, and both of them were an amazing journey! I truly am not the same person I was when I first met this lovely woman. Both of the programs were pivotal in helping me heal and furthering my quest towards enlightenment. The Egyptian Sekhem Healing guided meditations Juliet takes you on are truly a spiritual awakening! You will travel through the mystic lands of Egypt and visit and communicate with the beautiful Gods and Goddesses. Let me tell you it’s breath taking and you won’t want to return to Mother Earth as you know it! I can’t wait to join Juliet on her next expedition to Egypt in December 2021! Thank you Juliet!

Marin County, CA

Juliette is one of the most gifted people I know. Her expertise in all things Egyptian is incredible. The healing energies she channels leave you feeling clear and peaceful. Her Reiki classes provide not only knowledge but an opening of your energy to all the Egyptian Gods and Goddesses. If you ever get a chance please take her class or reach out for a healing. You will be as amazed as I was!

San Francisco, CA

Juliet gave me a truly angelic experience. I will recommend anyone to visit her and have a life changing experience. I will definitely visit her again. Thank you Juliet it was a pleasure meeting you, thank you.

Richmond, CA

I would highly recommend Juliet Carrillo’s sacred retreats. I recently participated in a retreat to Egypt that she led. Juliet holds space for each individual and meets them where they are on their own spiritual journey and path of self-discovery. She is a kind, thoughtful, genuine, and reliable person who brings love, light, and support to each encounter. During the retreat, Juliet took the time to check in with each participant along the journey and was available to listen and provide guidance. Juliet’s knowledge of ancient Egypt, sacred practices, and Sekhem healing is robust, and I am grateful for the opportunity to connect with and learn from her. Traveling to Egypt with Juliet was a truly incredible and magical experience! Thank you Juliet!!

United States

I was fortunate to experience the sacredness of Juliet’s gifts, talents, and magic while on the retreat to Egypt with her.
Her understanding of Ancient Wisdom and Alchemy made for a very expansive and powerful experience.
Juliet embodies the wisdom and majesty of this Sacred land, and I am so grateful to have experienced this life changing time with her.

Los Angeles, CA

I recently returned from a spiritual retreat to Egypt led by Juliet Carillo. A few of the highlights include being led on a private tour inside the great pyramid on The Giza Plateau and attending a lecture given by a 6th generation aromatherapist at his shop. The best thing about trips like this, for me, is that everyone tends to be in touch with the invisible world- I can easily share and process and gain insights from my fellow travelers. The place itself was amazing. The people I met and connections I made will be what I remember and treasure most. Thank you Juliet and Sarah!

Bay Area, CA