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Are you reconnecting to past life times in Egypt?

Do you feel inexpicably connected to the energies of the Gods and Goddesses?

Are you drawn to the sacred symbols of Ancient Egypt?

Juliet is an Initiatrix of Egyptian Spirituality and Ancient Egyptian Wisdom. Through years of deep initiations with the Egyptian Gods and Goddesses, Juliet has become a channel for Ancient Egyptian Wisdom, Knowledge, and Healing. One of her missions is bringing the healing power of Ancient Egypt into our modern consciousness. Your unique Gifts and Soul Magic are held within you, where they are waiting to be unlocked and brought forth into your awareness, fully embraced and embodied in this lifetime.

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Personal Healing
Schedule a one-on-one session with Juliet. Allow Juliet to guide you on a personal Healing Journey into an Empowered Life filled with Love, Peace and Joy.


Become an Initiate of the Egyptian Mystery Schools! Join intimate learning groups as Juliet shares inspired teachings on Ancient Egyptian Alchemy, Wisdom, and Healing.

Tour Egypt

Join Juliet for the Experience of a Lifetime: A carefully curated adventure into Ancient Pyramids, Sacred Temples and Rich Culture awaits you as you explore Mother Egypt’s Mysteries and Magic. Now booking for December 5, 2022

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Read about Juliet’s firsthand experiences as she shares her explorations of Ancient Egyptian Mysticism, Wisdom and Mysteries.

Unparalleled Intuition

I would follow Juliette anywhere! I’ve gotten Reiki done from her several times and she absolutely has a gift. Her intuition is unparalleled and the messaging she gets for me is spot on. I can’t wait to go to Egypt with her and learn about sacred places I’ve never even heard of!